About Jeroen

Author of ‘Madeira Wine Today’

In 2005, Henriëtte and I started ‘Wijnstudio’, a school about wines only. Now, we arrange wine courses, wine and food pairing courses, and masterclasses throughout many cities in the Netherlands. And we organise great wine tours, meeting wine makers in many wine regions.

My first visit to Madeira was on a holiday, when I toured several wineries which I planned out of sheer curiosity, as I had never tasted Madeira before. I will never forget one of the first encounters, when we were treated to an impressive wine tasting, ending with a Sercial 1940, Verdelho 1954, Boal 1964, and a Malvasia from 1933. I didn’t know that after such an extended maturation, wines could become so beautiful, so vibrant and complex, holding the promise of even more exciting complexity with good patience.


Jeroen Bronkhorst

Jeroen Bronkhorst

Educational and professional background

  • Certified Madeira Wine Educator for IVBAM
  • Certified Port Educator for IVDP
  • Certified Sherry Educator for Vinos de Jerez
  • Certified Educator on Wine for WSET
  • Ambassador for VDP
  • Academy of Culinary Writing
  • Oinos school on wine tasting and soil
  • Certified trainer on cooking for SVH
  • Certified chef
  • Warmonderhof, bio-dynamic agricultural school


  • Author of 40+ podcasts about wine and gastronomy
  • Founder of the largest Dutch Wine School for WSET
  • Author of 'Wine basics' and 'Wine and Food Pairing'.
  • Teacher in wine for WSET
  • Organiser of 50 wine trips to wine regions- and producers
  • Teacher in hospitality management
  • Twice winner of the national 'Wine List of the Year'
  • Winner of  the national ' Best House Wine' award
  • Founder and chef of a restaurant for 15 years

Most inspired by: meeting the wine makers
My motto: wine is culture in your glass

An eternal wine

If you are lucky enough to taste a very old Madeira, take a minute to think about how people lived back then. The music and fashion in those days, and think about which people had yet to be born. Some Madeira wines survived two World Wars and even several crises, and let the time pass by peacefully. Even today, there is Madeira for sale from the time when the automobile as well as the telephone still had to be invented!