Madeira still wines

Support your locals
During their holidays, when in a hotel or restaurant, tourists can be surprised by the island’s own still wine, which at times can bowl them over with their excellent taste. Winemaker Tito Brazão of Quinta do Barbusano in São Vicente has built a reputation with ‘Barbusano’, still Madeiran wines, including a blend of Touriga Nacional and Aragonez (Tempranillo), power grapes from the Douro, famous for being used also for Port. Many new kids on the block produce still Madeira wines, mostly in small quantities, presented in bottles with fun, exciting, creative labels. Traditional Madeira producers create their own still wines and the results are very inviting, with surprisingly good quality. When drinking a local wine you support the local economy. Besides that, it is an entirely different experience to pouring another glass from the umpteenth Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, coming from the large pool of wines everywhere in the world.


11) Colombo

Still wines from Madeira

The still wine producers of the moment, and an example of their wines

• Colombo / Justino’s
• Beijo / John Paul da Silva
• Barbeito / Vinhos Barbeito
• Cabeço da Queimada / Luis Ferreira
• DSW / Diana V. Silva Wines
• Boneca de Canudo / Casa do Caramanchão
• Atlantis / MWC
• Paixão do Vinho / Paixão do Vinho
• Terras do Avô / Seixal Wines
• Arcobom / José Maurillio Velosa Mendes
• Pedra D Fogo / Elsa Maria Da Silva Ferreira
• Seiçal / Seiçal
• Terra Bona / Terra Bona
• Xavelha / Octavia Ascenção Ferraz

Improving quality

The share of non-fortified wine in Madeira is still small, the DO Madeirense and the IGP Terras Madeirenses together make up less than 5% of the wine production. Nevertheless, in these days most producers of fortified Madeira consider still wines as an opportunity to expand their portfolio. The winemakers have an incredible amount of knowledge, and experience that can be used in making good quality still wines. On top of that, producers already have a global distribution channel. Just as with fortified wines, they are keen on making the best possible wine. Tasting these wines is definitely worth your while, as they not only often taste great, but they keep on improving from one year to the next.